Sharing the Planet (3 April – 19 June 2017)

Central Idea: Animals and people interact in different ways in different settings.

Concepts: Form, Causation, Responsibility.

Related Concepts: Animals, Interactions, Characteristics, Safety and Needs.

Lines of Inquiry:
● Types of animals
● The different roles animals play in people’s lives
● Responsible behavior when interacting with animals

Through this unit, Nursery students will learn how animals and people interact. They will learn and observe types of animal around them. Moreover, they will learn to understand that different animals have different roles in people’s life.

As the learning experiences, the students will visit some places like mini zoo at school, Taman Kemang Pratama, their friends’ houses and invite a delman. They will observe the characteristics of animals, their food and also ways to take care of animals.

As the summative assessment, Nursery students will show their understanding through a show and tell session. They will make a poster showing about the animal(s) they chose including the food and ways to take care of the animal(s).

In Sharing the Planet unit, to support the related concept of interactions, the students will learn how to present in front of their friends. This will introduce how to use the effective media and create their opening/closing statements with good clarity of voice during the presentation. The students will also learn how to read the phonic sounds and write the letters down through the letter tracing.

To support the animal related concept, as well as form and connection concepts in Visual Art, Nursery students will learn how to create artwork through painting (print painting with sponge and making collage). They will use their imagination and experiences to explore animal shapes in the art projects.

Along the unit, the students will be learning about numbers and shape and space. To support the related concept, characteristics, Nursery students will continue to learn about number symbol of 1-10. They will learn the number symbol, the concept and also trace the number.

To improve the student’s thinking skills, this time the students will also learn to rote count to 20 and count forward from a given number instead of from number 1 only.

Another thing that will be explored through this unit are the shape and space. Through this unit, the students will learn to describe position and direction using terms like inside, outside, down, left, right and so on.

Along this unit, Nursery students will be learning how to develop their gross motor skills, such as throwing and catching. To support the related concept, interactions and safety, the students are going to practice different ways of throwing and some exercises through which the body gives or receives force from objects.
They also will explore coordination and manipulation through some exercises of practical life, such as tying shoes, cutting with scissors, tearing paper into fine strips and threading beads or macaroni onto string.
Another thing that they will develop through this unit is their social skills. They are going to learn how to work together with others to achieve a common goal in some physical games.

In this unit, Nursery students will explore the variety of body movements. To support the key concept, form, the students will learn and practice the dynamic flow of body movements such as fast, slow, big, small, strong, smooth, sharp, tension and relaxation through the music.



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