How The World Works (January-March 2017)

Central Idea: Living things respond to the Earth’s cycle.

Concepts: Causation, Change, Connection.

Related Concepts: Responding, pattern, cycles, behavior, seasons.

Lines of Inquiry:
● The Earth’s natural cycles
● The changing pattern of the Earth’s cycle
● Responses of the Earth’s natural cycle

Through this unit, Nursery students will learn how living things respond to the Earth’s natural cycle. They will learn and observe the Earth’s natural cycle (day, night, weather and seasons) and how it affects human life.

As the learning experience, the Nursery students will have a gathering in the afternoon to experience the Earth’s natural cycle of day and night. They will share their activities during the day and night. And they will also be introduced to places with different kinds of weather and seasons.

As the summative assessment, Nursery students will show their understanding through a role play. They will have short performances about the activities that they usually have during one of the seasons: wet season, dry season, winter, day or night time. Moreover they will have show and tell about what they are going to do and wear during that time.

In the How the World Works unit, to support Nursery students’ form concept and seasons related concept, the students will learn how to do show and tell by doing a mini presentation of their favorite holiday in front of their friends. They will learn how to use simple language in the presentation and also practice to use the effective media and images. The students will also have to practice reading the phonic sounds and writing the letters down through the letter tracing in this unit using different kinds of media.

The students are going to explore variant Visual Art activities to support our current unit. Students are going to make collage using variant gesture such as cutting; tearing and pasting, through these gesture students are able to improve their fine motoric skills. This project is to support our related concept pattern. They are going to create artworks that are related to our unit as well using print making technique. Teachers are going to prepare stencil of day and night object for the students to print.

In Math, to support the connection key concept, Nursery students will learn to demonstrate their understanding of time concept (morning, afternoon, evening, night). They will learn to identify and describe events in their daily routine (bedtime, school, etc). For numbers and quantity, Nursery students are going to learn how to recognize group of zero to five things/ objects without counting, to compare if a quantity is more/less than or equal to another quantity and also to compare two numbers presented as written number figure.

Along this unit, Nursery students will be learning to develop their gross motor skills, such as jumping and landing. To support the related concepts, behavior and responding, the students are going to practice different ways of moving with the small equipment (such as, a ball, a hoop) and how to handle it using their parts of body.
Another thing that they will learn through this unit is about healthy lifestyle. They are going to be introduced to the elements that support the healthy lifestyle, such as rest, nutrition, exercise, and well-balanced.

In this unit, Nursery students will be learning about responding to music. To support the related concept, responding, the students are going to learn how to express their responses to the music in multiple ways, such as drawings, songs, games, dances and discussions.


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