How We Express Ourselves

Central Idea: Through play we communicate and develop new understandings.

Concepts: Function, Connection.
Related Concepts: Play, Fair Play, Communication, Interactions, Conflict.

Lines of Inquiry:
● Our interactions with others during play
● Ways to play fairly
● Ways we can learn through

For this unit, Nursery students will have so much fun in playing and learning. They will experience many teamwork games and activities where they can learn to develop their social and communication skill.

For the tuning in stage, the students have gone to an excursion to Kampoeng Maen Cibubur. There, the students and parents were playing, interacting and having so much fun together.

Through this unit they will learn about the importance of interacting with their friends during playing and to play fairly by following agreement and rules of the game.

LANGUAGE (21 October -19 December 2015)

In this unit, the students will learn how to interact in familiar social settings. They will be able to respond to the greetings, the teachers’ instructions and the expressions of “Thank You” and “Please” in a situation with the appropriate body gestures. This unit the students are introduced to the phonic sounds and word recognition as well.

VISUAL ART (21 October -19 December 2015)

In the visual art, the students will identify the materials and processes used in the creation of the artworks, so that they will enjoy a variety of visual art experiences. In this unit the students will take responsibility for their own and others’ safety in the working environment while they are doing the artwork processes.

MATH (21 October -19 December 2015)

Little children are naturally attracted to the science of number. Therefore, the activities are supported by counting 1-5 ( with fingers ), counting objects to answer “How many?” questions, reading number symbols and tracing number as well. Besides numbers, students are going to be exposed with 3D shapes ; naming 3D shapes and sorting thing according to its shape. At last , students will extend pattern ( A-B-A-B).

PHYSICAL EDUCATION (21 October -19 December 2015)
In this unit, nursery students will learn a variety of movements and the vocabulary such as: walk, run, tiptoe, jump, and crawl. They will also explore locomotor and non-locomotor skills with the music as a stimulus. Locomotor is when we move from one place to another, such as: walking, running, hopping, jumping, and crawling. Non locomotor is when we move our body on the spot without going anywhere, such as: turning, bending, stretching and twisting.

MUSIC (21 October -19 December)
In this unit, nursery students will explore songs and movements. They will also learn to give a response to word, rhythm or music by doing the movements.


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