Number Game

Nursery students learned to recognize number 1 to 5. They were able to rote count, read number symbol, and count to answer “how many” questions.

As the learning experience, Nursery Rainbow and Sky students played ‘chicken feeding time’. They pretended to be chickens in a farm.When it was feeding time, the farmer (teacher) made them out of pen and spread corn seeds on the grass where the chicken collected seeds as many as they could. Then before enjoying the tasty seeds, they should count how many corn seeds they had.

Nursery Sun and Moon students had the following activities to learn number concept (number 1-5):

  • Lego Numbers : the students moved to match the Lego based on the numbers numeral symbols written. They built a number tower as high as they could.
  • Play Dough Number Mats : the students used ten frames to learn about numbers, including symbols name and concept.
  • Shopping Game : the students learned to answer “how many question” by taking balls to match the number said by teachers.
  • Fingerprint Counting Ladybug : the students stamped their finger on ladybug’s body to match the numeral symbols written.

It was a lot of fun activities! 🙂

Nursery Rainbow and Sky

Nursery Sun and Moon



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