How We Express Ourselves

This week, Nursery students started the new Unit of Inquiry, How We Express Ourselves with central idea ‘Through Playing We Communicate and Develop New Understandings’. As the learning experience, they played three different group games involving water, which were:

  • Transfer water by using a cup
  • Race to transfer balloons
  • Transfer water by using a sponge

These activities helped them to learn how to line up and take turn, and work collaboratively to  achieve a common goal as well.

Nursery Sun

Nursery Moon

Nursery Rainbow

Nursery Sky

To wrap this activities, the students learned to reflect their experience by using the visible thinking tools, the thinking hats of de Bono. The hats used were:

  • Red (feeling): they communicated their feeling to others
  • White (facts): they knew with whom they played
  • Blue (process): they described how to play
  • Yellow (benefits): they analyzed what benefits they gained while doing the play



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