The Most Magnificent Thing

October is the literacy month. Literacy month is an event that is firmly entrenched in our program of teaching and learning. The theme is Read Books, Be Inspired and Discover The Most Magnificent Thing is inspired by a book entitled The Most Magnificent Thing by Ashley Spires. The aim of the event is to highlight the importance of literacy skills. During this month, we will also commemorate the Month of Bahasa Indonesia. Otherwise, the goals of this event are to nurture a love of reading, to increase the vocabulary and use of language related to experiences, thoughts, and feelings. Last but not least, we strive towards guiding Nursery students to develop good reading habits. They learned to be inquirers, thinkers, risk-takers who became creative through reading books or listening to stories. The first literacy experience the students had was the story telling of The Most Magnificent Thing. The little ‘readers’ were divided into a group of five or six. They enjoyed it very much and responded to teacher’s questions accordingly.

Nursery Sun and Moon

Nursery Rainbow and Sky


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