PYP Update – Who We Are

Central Idea: Recognizing our uniqueness can help us to better understand who we are.

Concepts: Form, Perspective, Reflection
Related Concepts: self awareness, uniqueness, physical appearance, personal characteristics

Lines of Inquiry:
* Different personal characteristics
* Developing self confidence
* Demonstrating uniqueness

Through this unit, Nursery students are going to learn about their personal characteristics so they can get to know themselves as well as their classmates. They will identify their parts of the body, their gender, hobbies and also their favorite food and toys. They will demonstrate their self confidence through a mini stage in the classroom. This is where they can perform their abilities and also do the show and tell about their favorite food/toys.


In Math, to support the form key concept, Nursery students are going to learn about 3D shapes. They will have fun activities to observe objects which have 3D shapes around them by naming and classifying them. They also will improve their math skills which focus on number 1-5. Students will be exposed to counting 1-5, read number symbol and do number tracing. Furthermore, Nursery students are going to learn about ABAB pattern.


Students are going to become familiar with names of their classmates, teachers and explore the names of the classroom objects. In order to build better communication skills, the students will learn how to use the appropriate body language and/or words to express their needs and ideas. They will try to repeat new words so they can get the correct pronunciation.

To practice the students’ writing skills, the students are required to develop their fine motor skills. They will experiment with writing letters by writing with different kinds of media (such as, sand, paint or shaving cream). In improving their reading skills, the students will choose and “read” picture books for pleasure. They will learn to respond to shared books with texts (read aloud) as they will be able to distinguish between pictures and written text and learn to recognize their own names.

Physical Education

Students are going to exercise to develop their spatial awareness, by participating in some sport activities. They will also learn about the importance of physical activities by doing some exercises regularly. They will play team work activities and obstacle games to develop their motor skills as well.

Visual Art
Along this unit, for the visual art, the students will be participating in individual and collaborative artwork making. They are going to learn how to color, paint, cut and paste. Moreover, they will also learn to show curiosity and ask question about artwork.


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